Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is the machine I was in

To the left is a 3D image from the CD I got today from the MRI technicians at Cedars Sinai. Weird to think that is my body. Not being a radiologist, I can't read anything into the pictures, but I do appreciate the technology. Images in the viewer can be rotated and manipulated in what seems like endless combinations.

Since I can't see the troublesome tumor, I decided to play with the pretty pictures.
Tomorrow I have an early appointment for a body scan. Dr. Applebaum assured me it won’t be as confining as the MRI, but the photos I’ve seen online certainly look like the same metal tube.
The last few days have had me feeling angry and somewhat in denial of what I have to deal with here. I guess I am starting to accept the reality as what it is, and I don’t feel as bad. I had a great conversation with someone early today who told me not to even worry about the cancer, because the end of the world is coming in two years. A reminder that life is a delicate thing, anything can happen at any time to completely shake up our notions of safety and security.

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