Thursday, May 21, 2009


As I type this I am drinking Dr. Schulze's Detox tea. Mmmmm, tastes like dirt. I successfully shrank my tumor in 2002 to 1/2 its size before the lumpectomy, and I am determined to shrink this one. I am not opposed to surgically removing the cancer, but I really want to make the whole process less complicated.

I have been following the story of the Minnesota family who prefer natural therapy to chemo. The news media tells part of the story, I feel sorry for the parents who are being painted as religious fanatical child abusers. The family has recently hired a lawyer to speak to the media for them, which is likely a good thing, since being in a heightened emotional state never helps anybody speak to the press. Attorney Calvin P. Johnson, issued a statement "by way of clarification and hopefully to aid your understanding of the procedural nuances in the Danny Hauser case."
  • The first and foremost important principle is: It is a violation of spiritual law to invade the consciousness of another without their consent.
  • This is a case of Love vs. Power. Love gives. Power takes.
  • The state does not have a right to take.
  • A parent's love and affection is a positive social right we all share.
  • The court compelled Colleen Hauser to make a decision between three chemotherapy providers. Apparently, she didn't like the list.
  • The court was forcing her to decide.
  • The decision for treatment cannot be forced.
  • Anthony and Colleen Hauser share Danny's viewpoint: They do not approve of chemotherapy. Under the circumstances of this case, chemotherapy constitutes assault and torture when given to a young man who believes that it will kill him.

I know we don’t understand the whole story, but I believe Colleen Hauser does want to cure her son; she just doesn’t want to use conventional methods. If you’ve ever spent any time around someone undergoing chemotherapy, you will understand exactly why the Hausers are so against it. I would hate to watch my child suffer the treatment. The clincher for me is that there is no cure for cancer at this time. If chemo were a 100% cure, then it would be worth it. My personal feeling is that it is barbaric to pump poison into a person who is already battling a disease.

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