Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feels good to be out of that funk!

Thanks to my family and friends for hanging in there during the last week while I was feeling so dark and moody. I've been doing loads of research on breast cancer, survivors, alternative healing, and something started to really strike home with me.

Many of the women who had undergone the standard radiation and chemotherapy treatments looked a lot like my Aunt & sister did, like the life was being sucked right out of them. Even harder to take was that many of these photos were on tribute pages. On the other hand, just do an internet image search using words like “beat cancer, alternative, natural”, and you will see images of healthy looking people.

Saturday night, Andi Beltramo Shay, in town for a few days took me out to Planet RAW in Santa Monica for dinner and told me the inspiring story of her mother, who took her health into her own hands after her breast cancer returned after the conventional medicine "cure".

I’ve known Andi for a long time, she has inspired me over the years by being a fearless, independent woman who doesn’t give a damn what other people think about her. Andi was the first person to introduce me to Dr. Schultze’s book “There Are No Incurable Diseases”, when she herself found a lump in her breast. Andi did the detox program outlined in the book and her tumor began to shrink, and finally disappeared.

Over our raw, vegan dinner, she told me of her mother being diagnosed for the first time, being treated with chemotherapy, getting sick & losing her hair only to have the cancer come back again. During the second go around she did the radiation therapy, again getting sick and feeling the financial wallop.
She went back for so many surgeries (about 7 or 8) , the second time she had breast (and lymph node) cancer she received radiation treatment and it turned out that the technician was applying it to the wrong area! Andi's Mother tried to correct him by telling him that his was applying
it incorrectly, but he just snapped at her, saying that he knew what he was doing.
After that horror she decided to go the alternative healing route, which was obviously a success as she had been given four months to live.
She began to read everything she got her hands on about manifesting health by changing diet. She changed her diet, put herself on a pretty intense regimen and in time went back to her doctors who thought she’d been treated by another medical facility. Her doctors were astounded when she told them she’d healed herself. Her cancer was gone! That was in the early nineties and she is still alive today.
Choosing to go outside the conventional treatment box may take more courage than blindly following doctors’ orders in that doing so demands faith in your own ability to heal and taking responsibility for your health. I have begun to realize that our culture has us trained to do exactly the opposite of taking responsibility. We look to doctors to cure us, we look to politicians to pass laws to protect us, and we look to lawyers to sue tobacco companies when we get cancer from smoking. I am not in any way advocating blaming the people who are sick, I am advocating we start looking at the ways in which we can empower ourselves to really thrive.
I am not saying we should not use conventional medicine, I am saying we shouldn’t rule out alternative or Eastern medicine just because the industry that makes money off our disease says so.

Throughout my life, I have made a point to listen to my inner voice. The times when I didn’t I was sorry. Last week when I was thinking abut the course of treatment outlined by my doctor, my inner voice was screaming at me not to take the poison treatment. I’m not finished researching and asking questions, but I have already started Dr. Schultze’s program, it can’t hurt, and I feel that is the most positive distinction. Herbal, nutritional and Eastern medicine doesn’t hurt.

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  1. Andi and I were pals some time ago and I remember her talking about this book. I wish I would've listened, because I have gone through many health problems since we last spoke and switched my diet a year ago. It's made a world of difference, and it's real basic.I even went to school to work in the medical field and after being in for over three years, I learned that it's simple- Our food is our cure. Eat badly, have bad health. Eat well, be well. No synthetic medicine can cure us the way the nutrients in our food can!