Friday, June 5, 2009

Raw food products taste testing

I can’t wait to get my Charlie Trotter & Roxanne Klein “Raw” cookbook! I’m getting bored already with the strict raw/ juicing.
Last night I went to the Glendale Whole Foods Market to find Hemp milk & found a couple of previously unknown items to try.
I was somewhat put off because most of the raw/organic/ gluten-free/ vegan/ live products on the shelves weren’t very colorful. Lots of neutral browns.
I guess I have been eating lots of colorful food.

I bought the Hemp Bliss milk (Manitoba Harvest), because I have been dreaming up a couple of raw recipes of my own and I need a creamy texture. I miss cheese.
As soon as I poured the hemp milk into a glass, I was disappointed. Beige.
The texture was not creamy; it was pretty light almost like water, but not bad. The flavor, which the label described as “improved” was nothing to even write about. I’m not impressed and I won’t be drinking this by the glass. I could taste a hemp seed flavor, but it tasted a little stale. It’s really, really good for you though.
After yoga this morning, I tried it with the Sprouted Cinnamon Cereal (Lydia’s Organics), which is a bunch of shades of beige and light brown. The Hemp Bliss provided a liquid that matched the colors in the cereal and just the slightest hint of stale hemp seed.
The cereal had a nice crunchy texture that I immediately loved after all the juice. The flavor was nutty, but pretty bland, even though the label said there was cinnamon in there. I added cinnamon and made the whole thing so much better.
I’m thinking next time to add berries, more berries than cereal.

Later, I’m planning to make a sprouted black bean & corn salad. I’ll write the recipe and share it if it’s any good.

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