Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'll know if it's cancer tomorrow

Dr. Funk did a needle biopsy today, She took two core samples (the size of a grain of rice each) of the mass and we looked at it on the ultrasound. I have to go back at 4.45 tomorrow to see what the lab said.
I was more nervous about the needle biopsy procedure than getting the results. It's the whole getting poked with needles thing. I am so squeamish.
I can get tattooed for hours, but poke me with a big fat needle and I get all queasy.
I couldn't eat today because of my nerves, so tonight I was starving, so Damon took me out for a porno burrito. I was able to eat 1/3 of it and I am as stuffed as a tortilla at El Atacor #11. Ghetto comfort food.

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